Name: 10 Women Who Changed Science and the World (Trailblazers, Pioneers, and Revolutionaries)
Format: epub
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Title: 10 Women Who Changed Science and the World
Author: Whitlock, Catherine
Language: English
Subjects: General Fiction

Description: <B>Spanning the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this fascinating history explores the lives and achievements of great women in science across the globe.</B><BR /> <BR /><I>Ten Women Who Changed Science and the World</I> tells the stories of trailblazing women who made a historic impact on physics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, and medicine. Included in this volume are famous figures, such as two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, as well as individuals whose names will be new to many, though their breakthroughs were no less remarkable.<BR /> <BR /> These women overcame significant obstacles, discrimination, and personal tragedies in their pursuit of scientific advancement. They persevered in their research, whether creating life-saving drugs or expanding our knowledge of the cosmos. By daring to ask ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’, each of these women made a positive impact on the world we live in today.<BR /> <BR /> In this book, you will learn about:<BR /> <BR /><I>Astronomy</I><BR…

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