Name: BIM for Design Firms Data Rich Architecture at Small and Medium Scales
Format: epub
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Title: BIM for Design Firms
Author: Lévy, François, Ouellette, Jeffrey W.
Language: English

Description: By advocating the use of BIM in small projects and by smaller firms from early design stage, this book overturns the current assumptions around BIM, which rest on it being used by larger commercial firms for construction delivery. Through clear explanation of the processes involved and compelling case studies of small projects, the power of BIM is revealed to be far more than an improved documentation and sharing environment. Architects’ small projects that embrace BIM in the design process are fully illustrated in colour and discussed in a variety of short and long case studies throughout the book.
<p>The book not only introduces BIM and its history and how it is applicable for a small project context, but also emphasizes the full impact that a data modeling tool has on design processes, systems and the high level of collaboration required across the design team. It explains the quantitative analysis opportunities that BIM affords for sustainable design and for…

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