Name: Blissfully Blended Bullshit-The Uncomfortable Truth of Blending Families
Format: epub
Size: 2.23 MB


Title: Blissfully Blended Bullshit
Author: Eckler, Rebecca
Language: English

Description: Rebecca Eckler’s newest book chronicles the hard truth of what it’s really like to make a blended family.
Blissfully Blended Bullshit is a witty, engaging, refreshingly candid chronicle of a modern family’s journey as they blend households. We follow Eckler as her partner and two children move in with her and her daughter. Then, they add another baby to the mix, thanks to a reverse vasectomy. Readers go along for the ride in this poignant, often hilarious tale as everyone attempts to navigate their new roles: the children, in-laws, exes, ex-in-laws, and even the dog.
Lighthearted and intimate, this is an indispensable story of a family determined to make blended splendid, and the juicy truth of what it’s really like behind the closed doors, in this rapidly-growing family makeup.

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