Name: Change and Continuity Canadian Political Economy in the New Millennium (Carleton Library)
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Title: Change and Continuity
Author: Thomas, Mark P.
Language: English

Description: In a period characterized by growing social inequality, precarious work, the legacies of settler colonialism, and the emergence of new social movements, Change and Continuity presents innovative interdisciplinary research as a guide to understanding Canada’s political economy and a contribution to progressive social change. Assessing the legacy of the Canadian political economy tradition – a broad body of social science research on power, inequality, and change in society – the essays in this volume offer insight into contemporary issues and chart new directions for future study. Chapters from both emerging and established scholars expand the boundaries of Canadian political economy research, seeking new understandings of the forces that shape society, the ensuing conflicts and contradictions, and the potential for social justice. Engaging with interconnected topics that include shifts in immigration policy, labour market restructuring, settler colonialism, the…

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