Name: Childrens Literature in Action (Library and Information Science Text), 3rd Edition
Format: epub
Size: 3.21 MB


Title: Children’s Literature in Action
Author: Vardell, Sylvia M.
Language: English

Description: This practitioner-oriented introduction to literature for children ages 5-12 covers the latest trends, titles, and tools for choosing the best books and materials as well as for planning fun and effective programs and activities.
<li> Includes recommendations and evaluations of digital ebooks, apps, and audiobooks as well as print titles, providing full coverage of today’s range of materials for children
<li> Features short essays by top authors and practitioners in the field to give readers expert opinions and guidance
<li> Provides author comments, collaborative activities, featured books, special topics and programs, selected awards and celebrations, historical connections, recommended resources, issues for discussion, relevant professional standards, and assignment suggestions within each chapter
<p><li> Addresses the most recent professional and curricular standards for elementary school students-a key element of today’s education…

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