Name: Collection Management Basics, 7th Edition
Format: epub
Size: 1.13 MB


Title: Collection Management Basics
Author: Saponaro, Margaret Zarnosky
Language: English

Description: If the heart of the library is its collection, this textbook provides the keys to the heart of your library. Alongside standards of basic principles and processes, you’ll find practical guidance on everything from acquisitions to preservation.
<li> Provides faculty and students with a thorough, up-to-date overview of all aspects of the collection development process
<li> Helps collection development librarians to address new challenges such as online resources, how to use new tools for assessing your library’s collection, developing a budget, and negotiating with vendors
<li> Engages readers and is easy to read, with real-life examples to clarify principles and concepts
<li> May be used as a text for LIS courses on collection development as well as a resource for training and personal or professional enrichment

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