Name: Diagonal Walking- Slicing Through the Heart of England
Format: epub
Size: 4.82 MB


Title: Diagonal Walking
Author: Corble, Nick

Description: Like many others, Nick Corble was confused. Unsure of where his country was going, he decided to get engaged rather than enraged. Using only public footpaths, Diagonal Walking traces a walk along a unique line cut at 45 degrees through the very centre of the county. Starting just north of Liverpool and ending on the south coast of Kent, Nick passed through affluence and austerity. Writing with disarming honesty, he chronicles what he discovered, not only about his fellow countrymen, but also about the state of the nation itself as it faced its greatest challenge for generations.

Diagonal Walking is more than simply a long distance walk or another take on Brexit. Determined to reach out to listen to, and learn from, as many voices as possible, Nick planned to involve both the virtual and real world in his trek. As he donned his rucksack for the first time, what he couldn’t have foreseen was that the summer of 2018 would be marked by extremes of both weather…

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