Name: Hands-On Game Development Patterns with Unity 2019
Format: epub
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Title: Hands-On Game Development Patterns with Unity 2019
Author: Baron, David
Language: English
Subjects: COM057000 – COMPUTERS / Virtual Worlds, COM012040 – COMPUTERS / Programming / Games, COM051310 – COMPUTERS / Programming Languages / C#

Description: <p>Write maintainable, fault-tolerant, and cleaner game codes by understanding the standard development patterns and battle-tested practices.<p>Key Features<li>Gain expertise in Industry Standard design patterns.<li>Get your hands on popular patterns such as Observer, Singleton, State, and Factory.<li>Leverage the power of C# coding to create solid architectures for your game projects.<p>Book Description<p>Traditional building blocks of a robust architecture, such as design patterns, cannot be applied in Unity without being adapted to the Engine’s unique way of doing things. We will review design patterns that are currently used by professional game programmers in indie, mobile, and AAA studios. We will also examine the infamous anti-patterns.<p>The book begins by explaining Unity Engine’s architecture and shows you how to explore it for designing games. This will help readers get familiar with the pillars of Unity’s Engine architecture and assist them in…

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