Name: High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men- A Fast and Easy Workout with Amazing Results
Format: epub
Size: 18.12 MB


Title: High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men
Author: Cerqua, Pete
Language: English

Description: <p>What if you were able to skip the long hours of grueling gym workouts and the endless cycle of sweat and exhaustion that you supposedly need to get fit? And what if even after forgoing those, you could still have an amazing physique? <I>High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men</I> gives you the information that you need to do just that. Here bestselling author and celebrated fitness trainer Pete Cerqua presents a groundbreaking fitness regime that helps you get in the best shape of your life in less than fifteen minutes a day.
High Intensity Fitness is all about optimizing your time by teaching you how to work out smarter, not longer. Using scientific principles and advanced workout programs, the regimes in <I>High Intensity Fitness Revolution for Men</I> will change your body in only minutes a day. Anyone from the ultra-athletic at the peak of their physical prime to the perpetual couch potato can benefit from Cerqua’s expert program. High Intensity Fitness breaks down and…

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