Name: Ideal Plate Composition
Format: epub
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Title: Ideal Plate Composition
Author: Kirsten, Wilma

Description: <p>At the heart of this book is the simple message that food is a powerful ally and best friend in our search for wellbeing. Food can be the tool that transforms people’s lives, not just in the moment, but forever. For each person, and for their counterpart at home, turning to this book in a desperate search for clarity on a subject so overwhelmed by half-baked and sensational ‘advice’, there is a simple health strategy based on nothing other than food. Real, appetising, nutritious, easily accessible food. Whatever your issue – digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, weight concerns – or even if there is no issue, this book offers a unique opportunity for you to take charge of your health and to invest in a way of eating that will change your life for the better. Now and forever.

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