Name: Leading the Millennial Way
Format: epub
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Title: Leading the Millennial Way
Author: Barrington, Simon
Language: English

Description: Millennial leaders are stepping into some of the most significant global leadership roles in businesses, the public sector and charities. Many are already there.
Their leadership style and impact is dynamic and diverse, challenging all that has gone before.
How do millennials hone their unique energy to become the best leaders they can be?
How do non-millennials harness the power of this generation or step into leading the millennial way themselves?
Based on original research into millennial-leaders today, this book draws on a wealth of experience to invite all leaders to better grasp and live out leading – the millennial way.
PART 1 : The Landscape Millennials Are Leading IN
PART 2 Marks of the Millennial Leader
PART 3 Forging the Future – The Impact Millennials Are Having

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