Name: Learning Python Networking, 2nd Edition
Format: epub
Size: 8.56 MB


Title: Learning Python Networking
Author: Ortega, José Manuel
Language: English
Subjects: COM051360 – COMPUTERS / Programming Languages / Python, COM043040 – COMPUTERS / Networking / Network Protocols, COM051440 – COMPUTERS / Software Development and Engineering / Tools

Description: <p>Achieve improved network programmability and automation by leveraging powerful network programming concepts, algorithms, and tools<p>Key Features<li>Deal with remote network servers using SSH, FTP, SNMP and LDAP protocols.<li>Design multi threaded and event-driven architectures for asynchronous servers programming.<li>Leverage your Python programming skills to build powerful network applications<p>Book Description<p>Network programming has always been a demanding task. With full-featured and well-documented libraries all the way up the stack, Python makes network programming the enjoyable experience it should be.<p>Starting with a walk through of today’s major networking protocols, through this book, you’ll learn how to employ Python for network programming, how to request and retrieve web resources, and how to extract data in major formats over the web. You will utilize Python for emailing using different protocols, and you’ll interact with remote systems…

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