Name: Let Your Fears Make You Fierce-How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth
Format: epub
Size: 4.97 MB


Title: Let Your Fears Make You Fierce
Author: Webb, Koya
Language: English

Description: An inspiring, practical guide to release the fears that are holding you back and achieve your ideal life.
Everyone experiences fear in life-fear of failure, fear of ridicule, fear of the unknown. These fears hold us back from living our truth and achieving our full potential. They prevent us from growing and moving forward after a minor setback or major disappointment. But if we can transform those fears, anything is possible. We can connect with our authentic self, listen to our soul’s desires, and start living our dreams.
In this book, celebrity holistic health coach and yoga instructor Koya Webb shares the ways she has lived in fear and the tools she’s used to get herself to a more confident and fierce place, moving through life in alignment with everything she believes in. Koya’s own personal story of triumph over a career-halting injury, depression, self-sabotage, and other limiting beliefs will inspire readers to meet their challenges head on, and…

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