Name: Letters to Rose- A Holocaust Memoir With Letters of Impact and Inspiration from the Next Gen
Format: epub
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Title: Letters to Rose
Author: Williams, Rose
Language: English

Description: When Rose Sherman Williams was just twelve years old, the Nazis invaded her hometown in Poland. Subject to the ravages of World War II and the dehumanization of Polish Jews by the Nazis, each day was a fight for survival. Now in her nineties, this remarkable woman continues to share her story in hopes that it inspires courage and resilience, and touches the lives of those who hear it.
For six years, the teenager whose childhood had been stolen from her fought both oppression and depression. She endured physical beatings, starvation, and transfers from one labor camp to another. In 1944, having been deported to the notorious Auschwitz extermination camp, she had a bizarre encounter with the Angel of Death, Dr. Josef Mengele, himself. A death march ultimately led her to one of the most despicable camps of all: Bergen-Belsen.
<p>But miraculously, she survived to be liberated. Now, her retelling vividly recalls one of the darkest moments in human history, but her message…

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