Name: Meaningful Alignment- Mastering Emotionally Intelligent Interactions At Work and in Life
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Title: Meaningful Alignment
Author: Steinbrecher, Susan
Language: English
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Description: What is worse than having a high-stakes conversation? Avoiding one.
By our basic nature, many of us have difficulty handling emotionally charged conversations. Our capacity to manage emotions, handle conflict, and communicate authentically is not innate – it must be learned.
Meaningful Alignment will provide you with well-defined, practical, and effective tools to manage your emotions and deftly facilitate the emotions of others during a tough conversation.
Diminish stress with the skills outlined in this book and experience more satisfaction from your relationships, at home and at work.
About the story…
<p>Carl is an overworked, stressed-out executive who feels he is losing control in many areas of his life. At work, his productivity deteriorates, and he clashes with a peer. His home situation is not much better: he quarrels with his wife, and his son has stopped communicating with him. Carl feels as though his life is on the verge of…

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