Name: New Vegetable Garden Techniques- Essential skills and projects for tastier, healthier crops
Format: epub
Size: 57.6 MB


Title: New Vegetable Garden Techniques
Author: Russell, Joyce
Language: English

Description: <p><B>This book is ideal for beginners, improvers and those serious about growing tasty, healthy organic fruit and vegetables.</B> It will empower readers to grow food for a family, and help work out how to get the best results. Many books give sowing and growing instructions for a multitude of crops, but few give space to the techniques and tips that make gardening easier and that help anyone to grow healthy, sustainable food.<p>Some of the techniques are developed from Joyce’s own trials and observations; others are classic techniques that are still useful now. With a bit more detail, and a step-by-step project, a technique becomes much easier to follow and understand.<p>There’s something here for everyone: whether you grow in a small back yard and want to know how to raise salad in buckets, or if you have a large allotment where you want to improve pollination, or make your own liquid feeds.<p>The book makes several┬ápromises to its readers. Firstly, by following its advice you…

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