Name: Not Born in Singapore
Format: epub
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Title: Not Born in Singapore
Author: Hui, Tng Ying
Language: English

Description: <p>Did you know that we owe the iconic Singapore Girl to a British-born adman? Or that the founder of the popular Mustafa Centre hails from India? This year as we celebrate our local heroes, it’s also time to put the spotlight on other unsung contributors who have shaped our nation. They may have come from other shores, but these 50 foreigners have left their mark in building Singapore into the nation we know it to be today.The 50 remarkable individuals are:ARTSIan Batey, K. P. Bhaskar, Santha Bhaskar, Della Butcher, Choo Hoey, John Herbert, Kuo Pao Kun, Goh Lay Kuan, J. M. Sali, Tan Swie HianECONOMYMustaq Ahmad, Sir Laurence Hartnett, Dr Tsutomu Kanai, Pasquale Pistorio, Captain Muhammad Jalaluddin Sayeed, Tang I-Fang Ratan Tata, Kartar Singh Thakral, Tan Sri Frank Tsao Wen- King, Alain Vandenborre, Cyril Neville Watson, Albert WinsemiusEDUCATIONDr Robert A. Brown, Brother Joseph McNally, Milenko Prvacki, Mary Turnbull, Professor Wang Gungwu, Professor Wu Teh Yao, Dr John Miksic,…

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