Name: See Change Clearly- Leveraging Adversity to Sharpen Your Vision and Build Resilient Teams
Format: epub
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Title: See Change Clearly
Author: Green, Jacob
Language: English

Description: A promotion to a leadership position can be a wonderful thing-until you realize there’s a downside. Suddenly you’re responsible for managing more people than ever before and expected to produce results when your predecessor either left the department in a shambles or was a superstar with big shoes to fill. Fortunately, there are ways to stay calm and, focused, and build a powerful team while you’re navigating through the chaos.

When Jacob Green was in college, he suffered a serious brain injury and came out of it intact after almost three years of intense rehabilitation. Now a change management expert, he teaches managers in organizations across the country how to overcome hurdles in today’s workplace by using techniques he learned during his recovery process.
In See Change Clearly, Jacob offers valuable tips and tactics that will enable you to assess and handle fresh challenges as you adjust smoothly to your new identity as the person in charge.

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