Name: TensorFlow Reinforcement Learning Quick Start Guide
Format: epub
Size: 4.67 MB


Title: TensorFlow Reinforcement Learning Quick Start Guide
Author: Balakrishnan, Kaushik
Language: English
Subjects: COM004000 – COMPUTERS / Intelligence (AI) and Semantics, COM062000 – COMPUTERS / Data Modeling and Design, COM037000 – COMPUTERS / Machine Theory

Description: <p>Leverage the power of Tensorflow to Create powerful software agents that can self-learn to perform real-world tasks<p>Key Features<li>Explore efficient Reinforcement Learning algorithms and code them using TensorFlow and Python<li>Train Reinforcement Learning agents for problems, ranging from computer games to autonomous driving.<li>Formulate and devise selective algorithms and techniques in your applications in no time.<p>Book Description<p>Advances in reinforcement learning algorithms have made it possible to use them for optimal control in several different industrial applications. With this book, you will apply Reinforcement Learning to a range of problems, from computer games to autonomous driving.<p>The book starts by introducing you to essential Reinforcement Learning concepts such as agents, environments, rewards, and advantage functions. You will also master the distinctions between on-policy and off-policy algorithms, as well as model-free and…

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