Name: The Bhagat Singh Reader
Format: epub
Size: 6.26 MB


Title: The Bhagat Singh Reader
Author: Lal, Chaman
Language: English
Subjects: null

Description: Bhagat Singh has been a hero in the Indian imagination for the longest time. We’ve all grown up with tales of his heroics and bravery recounted to us. The Bhagat Singh Reader is a collection of all the material ever written by Bhagat Singh. This book puts together the thoughts of this man who was martyred at the age of twenty-three, having sparked a revolution of sorts. The book contains everything from letters to telegrams and notices written by Bhagat, articles that chalk out his revolutionary ideas, and his mails from jail to the colonial administration and judiciary. His forty-three sketches of Indian revolutionaries throw light on the larger picture of the Indian struggle for independence. Through his writing, we see Bhagat Singh the man and the thinker.

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