Name: The Business of Changing the World- How Billionaires, Tech Disrupters, and Social Entrepreneurs Are Transforming
Format: epub
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Title: The Business of Changing the World
Author: Kumar, Raj
Language: English

Description: Tech entrepreneurs bring their thinking to "giving"…bringing a data-driven, results oriented approach to revolutionize the space
Today, entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley start-ups, and celebrity activists are the driving force in a radical shift in the way we think about lifting people out of poverty. In this new era of data-driven, results-oriented global aid it’s no longer enough to be a well-intentioned do-gooder or for the wealthy to donate an infinitesimal part of their assets to people without a home or basic nutrition. What matter now in the world of aid are measurable improvements and demonstrable, long-term change.
Drawing on two decades of research and his own experiences as an expert in global development, Raj Kumar, founder and President of Devex, explores the successes and failures of non-traditional models of philanthropy. According to Kumar, a new billionaire boom is fundamentally changing the landscape of how we give, from well-established charitable…

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