Name: Then There Was One-The U.S.S. Enterprise And The First Year Of War
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Title: Then There Was One
Author: Burns, Eugene
Language: English

Description: With the war in the Pacific well into its new, offensive phase, the best carrier story of the war can now be told. It is the story of the Enterprise, one of the Navy’s greatest fighting ships, the first carrier to receive the rarely awarded Presidential Citation. Of the seven first-line U. S. carriers when war began, four were sunk in the first year of war, another saw action in non-Pacific waters during the period involved, and another was out of action at the decisive moment. Then there was one-the Enterprise. Virtually alone, it held the long, thin Pacific line against overwhelming odds. It was part of the too little which was not, luckily for us, too late.
Then There Was One is a story of men-like Admiral "Bill" Halsey, who rode the Big E as his flagship; Air Group Cmdr. McClusky who, in what was officially termed "the most important decision of the entire action, helped win the Battle of Midway; Cmdr. Turner Caldwell whose decision to take eleven Enterprise planes to…

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