Name: Yemen in Crisis- Road to War
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Title: Yemen in Crisis
Author: Lackner, Helen
Language: English

Description: Expert analysis of Yemen’s social and political crisis, with profound implications for the fate of the Arab World
The democratic promise of the 2011 Arab Spring has unraveled in Yemen, triggering a disastrous crisis of civil war, famine, militarization, and governmental collapse with serious implications for the future of the region. Yet as expert political researcher Helen Lackner argues, the catastrophe does not have to continue, and we can hope for and help build a different future in Yemen.
Fueled by Arab and Western intervention, the civil war has quickly escalated, resulting in thousands killed and millions close to starvation. Suffering from a collapsed economy, the people of Yemen face a desperate choice between the Huthi rebels allied with ex-President Saleh on the one side and the internationally recognized government propped up by the Saudi-led coalition and Western arms on the other.
In this invaluable analysis, Helen Lackner uncovers the roots of the…

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